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Training for Carers

The Dementia Care Hub accesses therapeutic support specifically for family members, partners and friends

We Care - Dementia Care supports the adjustments needed for the journey ahead

We Care - Dementia Care is a programme for all carers and family members whose lives are disrupted by a dementia diagnosis. Dementia causes a huge interruption in our lives – the lives we had, the lives we have and the lives we expected and wanted to have.


We focus on the emotional turmoil dementia can bring and provides tools and strategies for managing thoughts and feelings such as guilt, shame, pain, frustration and anger to mention a few. We look at what is happening for each person, how well this is working for them and what we might be able to do to make life a little bit better.  It is a way of understanding how we think and feel, how we open ourselves up to the pain it brings and how to start living life in a way that is better for us.  


The course is one and half hours each week for five weeks.


You will be guided through the programme so you can start to make sense of the things that cause you difficulties, your response to them and explore how this can be adjusted so life can be that little bit better. 

The in person sessions take place alongside the social group. 

To book please contact Dr Kellyn Lee at

Training for carers
The Dementia Care Hub provides a space where people can come together, learn and connect online or in person.
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